Monday, March 01, 2010

Two years and three months since my last post.
What a world of difference.
Married now.
Life is moving fast.

Feeling somedays like I'm in the current.
not knowing the strokes by which to bring the canoe under control
spinning and floating at the mercy of the water.
Like I know the strokes and cannot seem to use them.

Lord guide my hands and my head.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I've been a bingo caller for around 9 years now.

It's interesting and somewhat sad to attend these events.

The bingo evenings are held every second Monday in the Duval Town Hall.

My first impression was that this was a very serious group of people.

Each one hard at work, toiling at the task of tracking numbers and longing for the prize.

Now, being a creative man, I looked for ways to liven the somber dabbers.

Often I would call wrong numbers - well not merely wrong, but non-existent ones, like "Q99" - This quickly divided the participants into categories of confused or amused.

I have a dream of taking the bag of old bingo balls which have been replaced and during the course of a card (the term for dabbing away at the numbers on your card until someone bingos) setting them on my lap and releasing them part way through. I have not done this yet, for I fear with the age of some of the participants that a heart attack might occur.

Today I crossed a boundary however.

Immediately after intermission, after the first number had been called for that card, I thought, second guessed and then went for it.

I Yelled "Bingo!"

Everything stopped.

Heads turned.

And people started to laugh.

As they were all experienced players, they knew it was impossible to win with just one number.
and the absurdity found it's funny bone target.

It was a good night.

I'm awake at 2:3oam laughing aloud about it.

...hmm....when to dump those balls?

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Scott and Jackson 
Not sure what the fish's name is.

Dad enjoying the abundance of food

Eric and Max on our ill planned but fantastic hike 
around the ENTIRE island.

Eric and Max jumping into Surf City.

Everyone but me at Surf City,
hmm Tom didn't want my 
peanut butter square snack.

Something about swelling...

The Campsite on Barker Island

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pelican Narrows Trip Day 0ne

I'm just back from two weeks canoeing in Saskatchewan's beautiful Northlands. The first trip we put in at North Bay just outside of Pelican Narrows. These Pictures are from the first day.

The Five of Us.

The only fast water we could run on the trip.

All Portages should be like these!

Chad Loves Fish

Don post rapids.

This was a fantastic trip with great guys. More pics to come.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Undeniably Underutilized

So much for maintaining a consistant pace with this spilling the beans on your computer screens
My passion seems put into sprints and potholes of activity.

What has gone on since last I burst words out into the ether...

I have the lead guy role in our local theatre production. "Check Please!"
Been painting as part of a six painting project (six painters) for Northview Church in Regina SK.
Am photographing The Provincial Girls Curling competition.
Finished a short promotional video for Arlington Beach Camp and Conference Centre
Created a dual disc wedding DVD for Juanita Thiess (ne. Schapansky)

And generally felt overwhelmed.

More later...